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Some videos from the past 2007-2009 when making
tools and trying to come up with ideas for locksmiths.
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Welcome to Simple Solutions Lock Tools 2007/2009

    Simple Solutions Lock Tools is part of Local Lock (Bromley) 24hr mobile locksmiths .
    We produce alternative lock tools for locksmiths.
    Simple but effective. The  tools are made from simple ideas that will give value for money, the designs may vary periodically.

    Our Aim is to continue to bring new ideas, knowledge, and tools to locksmiths with the view to making the job easier.
    We would also be pleased to hear from any locksmiths with ideas for tools, who may wish to discuss them with a view to
    If you enjoy your time here and are impressed with the tools and ideas send us a message

    Disclaimer Notice
     Simple Solutions Lock Tools / LocalLock (Bromley) take no responsibility for acts of wrong doing with
     the tools supplied.The tools are intended for locksmiths and not for purposes of breaking the law.


    The Fortress tool concept from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS.
    These are tools to manipulate an ERA fortress lock by alternative methods, they can be quicker and cheaper than current tools
    accepted to do the job. If your interested keep an eye on the shop as it will be updated regularly.
    Please Note
    Some scenes in the following videos are restricted for security

Please note tools are not available anymore

  1. The FortessPick
    11/07 Fortress in wood featuring the fortress pick
  2. The Fortress Finale
    12/08 The Fortress Finale Quite long but proves a point, again featuring the fortress pick
  3. The Union Strongbolt Opening
    22nd Jan 09 The Union Strongbolt Opening
  4. The Chubb 3k74 Opening
    22nd Jan 09 Chubb 3K74 Opening
  5. Curtain lock key turn
    Curtain lock key turn
  6. The Key Spinner
    1st Feb 09 Another simple but effective tool. The key Spinner.
  7. Chubb 3G114e Opened
    15th April 2009 Showing the fortress concept on a chubb 3G114E.
  8. Squire Padlock Opened
    Squire 660 4 lever padlock opened with the half monty padlock pick
  9. 7G Interchanger System
    4th April 2009 The Simple Solutions 7G Interchanger System
  10. securefast lock opened
    11th April 2009 Showing a securefast lock opened with one tool.
  11. 7G Interchanger Adapter System
    30th April 2009 The Simple Solutions 7G Interchanger Adapter System
  12. Triple Opening
    28th July 2009 opening a Chubb 114e, a union strongbolt , and the new era fortress.
  13. Era Vectis
    20th August 2009 Showing some opening methods for the ERA vectis
  14. The Simple Solutions 7g straight stem curtain pick
    29th August 2009 The Simple Solutions 7g straight stem curtain pick with adjustable and removable wire guides.
  15. Securefast opened with curtain pick
    17th Sep 2009 A securefast 5L 7G BS lock opened with the simple solutions pre lift curtain pick with indicator.
  16. Era Viscount Opened
    10th April 2009 Showing the potential of our original fortress opening concept, this time an ERA viscount .